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About FCR » Foreign Credential Recognition Program

Foreign Credential Recognition is the process of verifying that the education and job experience obtained in another country are equal to the standards established for Canadian professionals. Credential recognition for regulated occupations is mainly a provincial responsibility that has been delegated in legislation to regulatory bodies. The Government of Canada is playing a facilitative role with provinces and territories and providing strategic leadership to foster the development of consistent, national approaches to this important issue.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) is the federal department responsible for the Government of Canada’s FCR Program. The Program is designed to facilitate the recognition of international qualifications so that internationally trained workers may better contribute to Canada’s economic and social development. Improving the processes for recognizing foreign credentials will help immigrants integrate more rapidly into the Canadian labour market and get the Canadian work experience they need to succeed in Canada. At the same time, Canadian employers will gain access to a broader pool of talented workers.

The objectives of the Program are to work with its partners to ensure FCR processes across the country are:
  • fair — individuals wishing to have their credentials assessed will be treated equitably;
  • accessible — individuals wishing to have their credentials assessed will have access to appropriate services;
  • coherent — there will be similar processes to assess and recognize credentials in all jurisdictions throughout Canada. This means that once an individual’s credentials are recognized in one province, they will be recognized across Canada;
  • transparent — individuals will understand how to have their credentials assessed and recognized before they arrive in Canada and, if they do not meet the requirements, they will know what to do; and
  • rigorous — high standards for preserving quality service and public safety.

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