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In order to assess your application for a CMEG micro loan, there are several things we need from you and need to know about you:

Application Form

A fully completed and signed application form. Please speak to your Loan Counsellor if you have questions or need help completing the form.

Immigration Status

A copy of the documentation showing your immigration status.

Prior Training/Education

If you have formal training or education we require a copy of your educational certificates (translated to English) or a copy of an assessment of your education certificate from your profession's regulatory body or an assessment authority. (We do not need a copy of your transcripts.)

Your Resume

A detailed resume with all education and work experience.

Level of English

You must show us that you are able to complete your accreditation/learning plan in English. Please provide a copy of an English assessment Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) documentation, or other proof accepted by your professional/regulatory body or learning institution.

Your Income

Please give us a copy of your pay stub (if you are working), student funding letter, employment insurance information or income security confirmation. We require this for your spouse/partner as well, if he/she is employed and if the information is available to you.

Banking Information

We will need a void cheque or your banking information so that we can deposit your loan advances directly to your bank account and automatically withdraw payments.

Job Advertisements

It helps us to have some idea of the opportunities that might be available to you when you complete your Canadian accreditation/training plan. Please provide copies of advertisements for jobs that you would be able to apply for once you complete your learning plan.

Your Accreditation/Learning Plan

If you are applying for funds to take training or to attend a course, we will need the names of the courses, the start and finish dates, tuition and book costs, and any printed information you might have. It is helpful for us to know if the course will lead to a certification in the field, and if the program has a work experience component.

If you are applying for funds to write a qualifying or credentialing exam, please let us know the name of the exam, when you will write it, if you need to travel to write the exam, and the costs. We would like to see any letters you have received from your profession’s regulatory body that tells you what you must do to get your Canadian credentials.


We will need at least two references. The best references are your landlord (if you are renting your home) and your employer (if you are employed). If you cannot give a landlord and employer as a reference, you may use a counsellor, teacher, or co-worker, or other people who know you in a business or professional capacity. Include friends or relatives only if you do not have business or professional references.

Important: Please let your references know that we will be calling. Your loan will not be approved until we speak with them. (We may also call your references in the future to locate you if we do not have your current contact information.)

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